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Environmental sounds becoming part of my tinnitus AndyA 264 3
by AndyA
quieter at night (muso's ramblings) jonbo 193 3
by jonbo
Looking for Hyperacusis help in Atlanta area Jim 141 3
by Jim
PEG 150 dispearate and hearing ernesto 110 1
by ernesto
A new tone has appeared I.m 273 3
by I.m
Tinnitus, ear protection & loud music at Gym Jordan 245 1
by Jordan
TRT in SLO Area LObuzz 147 3
by LObuzz
Tinnitus after Cerrulyse Chukzee 94 1
by Chukzee
eye drops and cataract surgery
1 2 3 4
kblondie855 1,896 52
by kblondie855
Ear protection, masking, medication Michael2133 306 7
by Michael2133
surgery and anesthesia Delmiro 168 5
by Delmiro
Intermittent chiming Lucie14 156 3
by Lucie14
Crackling ear BrianGreenn 295 3
by BrianGreenn
Lyrica/pregabalin marie 145 3
by marie
Very severe unilateral tinnitus - electric sparks boghawala 519 11
by boghawala
Research on the use of drugs for Tinnitus mrvvv 296 1
by mrvvv
Potential further increase tdarling19 304 4
by tdarling19
TRT sound generat
1 2
Bart76 400 19
by Bart76
Earbuds and volume, and recent setback tomrobey 242 1
by tomrobey
your thoughts on SSRIs and tinnitus Lucie14 370 9
by Lucie14
CT scan/betablockers Steve 126 1
by Steve
Tinnitus Increased after 7 Years JamesMills 417 5
by JamesMills
several questions about TRT Lucie14 199 5
by Lucie14
The Barn JPN777 268 1
by JPN777
How to handle the "noise catastrophe" Mike21 436 3
by Mike21
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