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Reactive Tinnitus & TRT....and needing some comfort
1 2
Aegyo 661 22
by Aegyo
New intrusive noise out of nowhere allancurran 401 13
by allancurran
New tinnitus attack -- sudden onset sactinn 234 5
by sactinn
Nine months in, and some questions Lucie14 320 8
by Lucie14
Patient from New Zealand Yanyan 186 8
by Yanyan
Newbie needs to know if he is on the right track?
1 2
Daringrebel 367 16
by Daringrebel
Regarding Tinnitus Talk ... Dr. Nagler 339 0
by Dr. Nagler
Beginner Help Staced 187 3
by Staced
stress increases my tinnitus, TTTS and hyperacusis victor_penya 292 9
by victor_penya
Neuromod Device Bart 342 10
by Bart
Strange reaction to low frequensy sounds Natalie 179 7
by Natalie
Thank you and encouragement to others jrose1967 144 1
by jrose1967
Occlusion effect Michael2133 138 1
by Michael2133
Hyperacusis, Tinnitus and Panic Attacks ruben09 155 1
by ruben09
Melbourne Australia dougwarby 135 5
by dougwarby
Cialis (Tadalafil)
1 2
Bart 511 16
by Bart
Need Help
1 2
vande33 261 16
by vande33
Tinnitus , misaphonia & clearing things up
1 2
3745nicoles 210 17
by 3745nicoles
ECOG test : concerns? Oreille 175 11
by Oreille
Coping with frequent spikes Alex88 253 7
by Alex88
Hope for future Mcuddy1 214 1
by Mcuddy1
Bimodal Stimulation theclagster 250 7
by theclagster
Zoloft and fear of developing Tinnitus mdelano 232 1
by mdelano
Acceptance & other concerns allancurran 285 5
by allancurran
Odd spike ? Bart 142 1
by Bart
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