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“Effect of Tinnitus Retraining Therapy vs Standard of Care on Tinnitus-Related Quality of Life: A Randomized Clinical Trial” Dr. Nagler Frequently Requested Articles 148 0
by Dr. Nagler
How To Select a Tinnitus Specialist Dr. Nagler Frequently Requested Articles 138 0
by Dr. Nagler
What Makes a Sound Sound Loud? Dr. Nagler Frequently Requested Articles 144 0
by Dr. Nagler
Four Words Not To Hate Dr. Nagler Frequently Requested Articles 202 0
by Dr. Nagler
Ear drops, inflammation, ETD and t Ela Questions and Answers 463 12
by Ela
T & H: How long to wait before seeking additional therapies Ric Questions and Answers 525 7
by Ric
Pain from Hyperacusis X Betahistine pill LuisGustavo Questions and Answers 147 1
by LuisGustavo
Fast paced beeping in ear ( new sound) MichelleS Questions and Answers 188 1
by MichelleS
Anti Depressants
1 2
allancurran Questions and Answers 496 22
by allancurran
Doc in Atlanta wxperson Questions and Answers 235 8
by wxperson
When is overprotecting overprotecting? allancurran Questions and Answers 262 7
by allancurran
steroid nasal spray ototoxicity ernesto Questions and Answers 241 1
by ernesto
setbacks ste6971S Questions and Answers 318 1
by ste6971S
Prednisone & sumatrintan for headaches Ashley wells Questions and Answers 158 5
by Ashley wells
Biting a mint spikes Tinnitus allancurran Questions and Answers 284 5
by allancurran
Advices on cold I.m Questions and Answers 200 1
by I.m
sedation during medical procedure Eric Questions and Answers 197 3
by Eric
Reactive Tinnitus
1 2 3
bill clark Questions and Answers 605 31
by bill clark
Almost 2 years after Tinnitus and Hyperacusis onset Delmiro Questions and Answers 440 3
by Delmiro
back again gene mills Questions and Answers 252 1
by gene mills
House Alarm Gspana Questions and Answers 328 3
by Gspana
ETD & Tinnitus allancurran Questions and Answers 304 7
by allancurran
How I can relieve my ear pain ? LuisGustavo Questions and Answers 257 5
by LuisGustavo
Tobramycin/Dexamethasone DenisW Questions and Answers 153 1
by DenisW
the long-term course of habituation Eric Questions and Answers 627 3
by Eric

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