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gene mills

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            You treated me in the late 90s for tinnitus.I wore the generators for about 15 months
and did fine for about 5 yrs. About 2005 I had to start back wearing them. About 5 or6 months later, I started not noticing T again.For years I did great .Back in january it started again so I got out the generators. I am not complaining, just wondering if you have seen cases like this before? thank you so much for your help.
                                                      Gene Mills

Dr. Nagler

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Excellent question. 

For those individuals who followed the TRT protocol properly, approximately 15-20% will at some time in their lives find that their tinnitus is once again bothersome to some degree or other. One of the really nice things about TRT is that it's like re-learning to ride a bike. You put your devices back in for a few weeks (in your case apparently it was a few months, but that is a bit unusual), and you are "as good as new." I suspect you will experience the same thing this time around. Of course it's always a good idea to see an ENT and an audiologist any time you have a persistent change in symptomatology, but my guess is that you'll be just fine.

All the best -

Stephen M. Nagler, M.D.


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