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Dear Dr. Nagler. First of all, congratulations and thank you for your work in this and other forums.

I got Tinnitus for 2 months now, still praying it will go away (If it doesn't, maybe I'll call you and set an appointment). As many people, I had never heard about this condition, was very scared and went to 3 different doctors before finding one that could answer my questions without the "There's nothing to do" line.

During this time, I searched the web for charities and NGO's to make a donation and try to help people who live with this or like me never knew about it. I came across American Tinnitus Association and http://tinnitusresearch.org/. Didn't quite get what the second one is all about. 

Anyway, I think it would be great if you could elaborate a little about the different charities, research organizations, etc that deserve our money and attention.

Thank you.
Dr. Nagler

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Hi Zug -

Many countries have tinnitus associations that are primarily focused on support. While the American Tinnitus Association does provide an important support role, it is the only such organization whose focus is primarily on research and advocacy. (And you do not need to live in the US to be a member or contribute!) Two or three times a year ATA's Scientific Advisory Committee, an international body of prominent researchers and clinicians, independently and blindly reviews grant proposals and recommends the most promising for funding. One thing that I especially like about ATA is that in addition to funding the work of established researchers, the organization also offers a few smaller grants each year specifically for the purpose of encouraging younger researchers to get into the field.

In terms of those associations where the role is primarily one of support, you might look into the British Tinnitus Association and the various Australian Tinnitus Associations if you live in those countries.

TRI (the Tinnitus Research Initiative) provides no support function whatsoever. Rather, it is a very highly-regarded forum for the exchange of ideas through published research that is funded through a variety of entities. TRI also accepts contributions, but I am not sure how exactly it is allocated.

There are a number of other organizations that promote hearing research in general, but not specifically tinnitus research.

Dr. Stephen Nagler
Atlanta Tinnitus Consultants, LLC


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