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Dr. Nagler,

I posted a question about finding a provider and not sure if it made it up to you and I apologize if you've seen it before and chose not to comment.

I am not successful in finding a TRT provider who follows Dr. Jastreboff methods in NJ. I believe TRT providers are a small community and I'm hoping you can give me some direction.

I did find audiologist Susan Adams in NYC.

Are you aware of any providers in NJ and or can you make a recommendation on Susan Adams.

I know it's important to use the best and if I was in your area the choice would obviously be to see you.

Thanks in advance.
Dr. Nagler

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Hi Dave -

There are likely a number of competent TRT clinicians around, but I make it a policy to only recommend those whom I know extremely well and can personally vouch for their knowledge, experience, compassion, communication ability, and integrity. Moreover, I will not recommend anybody unless I have actually seen that individual treating patients. In other words, I have to be able to recommend that clinician unconditionally. Unfortunately, there are no tinnitus clinicians in your immediate area whom I have actually seen counseling patients, so I cannot help you locally. That said, please keep in mind that after the first in-person visit all TRT follow-up sessions can generally be done long-distance via phone or Skype. Therefore, no matter whom you select or where that person’s office might be located, it should not be necessary for you to travel more than one time. Currently in the US the TRT clinicians who fit the above criteria are Dr. Paula Schwartz in Edina, Minnesota; Dr. Gail Brenner in Bala Cynwd, Pennsylvania; and (if you really want to scrape the bottom of the barrel!) me in Atlanta, Georgia. My suggestion would be to contact each of the three, explain your situation briefly over the phone, and see where there might be a good fit. TRT is highly clinician-dependent. Compatibility is far more important than geography, in my opinion.

Hope this helps.

Stephen M. Nagler, M.D.
Atlanta Tinnitus Consultants, LLC


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