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Greeting's Dr. Nagler---

I hope this note finds you well and getting ready to enjoy the holidays!

Long time reader here and huge admirer of you.  I have tremendous respect for you and all you have done for those with T!  Thank you for your tireless efforts.

My question is this:

Do you have any thoughts on a sound therapy system called Levo.  It apparently was developed with the help of doctors at Cedars-Sinai in California.  In essence, from what I can read, people who use the system while sleeping listen to their T sound which has been matched as best as possible.  Over time (3 months) it is supposed to help your brain habituate to your own unique T sound.

There is no claim that it gets rid of T - it merely states it may help to reduce the annoyance of T. 

Research shows that this type of sound therapy helps people react less to their tinnitus and can even make the problematic noise fade into the background.

I've visited these pages long enough to know you do not endorse or support any products - but wondering if you have any thoughts or perspective you feel comfortable in sharing.

Thank you in advance my good man.

Best regards,


Dr. Nagler

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Hello, Jeff. And thank you for your kind words.

You are right in that I do not endorse or support any products. But I would be thrilled to do so ... if any of them could cure tinnitus or predictably and lastingly mitigate its intensity. But I have yet to come across one that does so (or that even comes close!)

Now above you ask specifically about a (very expensive) product that "may help to reduce the annoyance of T" - but there are a number of very inexpensive strategies that can accomplish the very same thing. 'Nuf said.

All the best -

Stephen M. Nagler, M.D.


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