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Since my last reply I have seen an ENT. He was really no help, which I have read on here is not news. He simply looked at my chart and told me My ears are popping( like when they clear after a plane ride)  because I had a twitchy euscatican tube. Like an eye sometimes twitches.  
My question is with only a one page audiology report do I have enough information to contact you. Is there something else I should do first.
Dr. Nagler

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The ENT was of no help if you were expecting him to offer you some sort of a cure. But he did help in determining that whatever is causing your tinnitus, it is not one of the (very rare) causes that can be fixed and in-so-doing fix your tinnitus. And he also helped in determining that you do not have one of the (extremely rare) causes of tinnitus that represent a threat to health or life. So with that information and an audiogram, if you have additional specific questions beyond what I have been able to answer in this thread, then - sure - feel free to contact me off the board.

All the best -

Stephen M. Nagler, M.D.


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