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Hello DR Nagler thanks for taking time to read this and making this forum possible/

I’ve had tinnitus since 2001 but only until 2016 it has become a problem.

In the last couple of years I’ve also developed patulous eustachian tube and I am certain it’s the reason why my tinnitus has been getting worse this last year or so.
My patulous eustachian tube isn’t as bad as others as I don’t have autophony just cracking popping and crunching when I swallow. I’ve had an ENT do that camera up the nose thing and confirm my tubes are open.

However whenever it gets worse on one side the tinnitus also gets worse.
Actually while typing this my right ear started ringing very extra loudly and I swallowed and yup, confirmed, crunching was worse on that right side. Then a minute later the ringing settled down and the crunching wasn’t as bad also.

A lot of ENTS here in Australia say they don’t really do any surgery for it but I found two who apparently do by injecting something around the tube to fatten it up and close but it sounds scary and risky.

I just wanted to get your thoughts on this.

Thank you.
Dr. Nagler

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KarlT, I am not and ENT and am not current on the various surgical treatments for patulous eustachian tubes.

But if you step back for a minute and take your eustachian tubes out of the equation, what you have is tinnitus that varies in intensity, which is not all that uncommon. What is it about your tinnitus (besides its presence) that compels you to do anything about it at all? I am not in any way making light of your condition; it's an important question that often gets overlooked in conversations about tinnitus.

Stephen M. Nagler, M.D.


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