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Hello Dr Nagler! I was recently thinking about this question in regards to my own situation. I have fleeting tinnitus at best. It comes and goes and some days I never hear it. The longest I had it was 3 hours on six different occasions months apart. Usually it comes on and it’s gone within minutes. When does tinnitus move into the permanent stage? Do you need to have it 24/7 or does it come down to intrusiveness. I heard some people can have intrusive tinnitus that doesn’t constantly stay, it comes and goes. I can have it several times a day and then nothing for days.I was just curious about this. Hope this makes sense. Thank you always for your time. Your a courageous person!!
Dr. Nagler

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Interesting question, Gilly.

I generally define intrusive tinnitus as when not only do you have tinnitus, but your tinnitus has you. But it's more than that: tinnitus intrusiveness is a matter of degree. Regardless of the pitch, timbre, loudness, or pattern of tinnitus, if it does not affect your life to any appreciable degree, then it isn't particularly intrusive (and vice versa). Moreover, tinnitus intrusiveness can change over time even if the tinnitus itself does not. For instance, my own tinnitus (which sounds like a cross between a screaming teakettle and a roaring jet turbine) used to be incredibly intrusive (indeed, it pretty-much destroyed my life!), but now the very same tinnitus is more like my pants: I wear it, but beyond that I do not give it much thought.

Hope this helps.

Stephen M. Nagler, M.D.


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