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Hi Dr. Nagler

My name is Cillian and I have been dealing with a ringing in my ears for just over three weeks now. I am a 21 year old and I was away for four days where I was going out for three of those nights to clubs. On the last night I was slapped quite hard around the ear and the next day the ringing was really loud when I went to sleep. I should also mention that I had had a cold which I couldn't shake for a few weeks before this. I also listened to music quite loud and would do so fairly regularly. The ringing subsided quite a bit for the next two weeks then I went to the cinema and its quite constant and loud now. I don't notice it during the day with noise around me but I'm starting to hear it a bit now even with noise. I went to my doctor about it and he said that it was something wih my Eustachian tube and he also said that my glands on my neck were quite swollen, my tonsils also were swollen a few days back. As well as this he said that its not noise induced because that takes years and years. He has prescribed me nasal spray called avamys which I'm taking twice daily and drynol tablets for just over a week. He says that I shouldn't worry and the ringing will go away once the medication starts to kick in at around 7-10 days. I'm just worried because I don't think it is because I'm sick so I was wondering what your response would be to it as it would be nice to hear another professional opinion! I liked the answers you have in other questions so I decided to try ask one. Anyway, hope to hear from you soon!

Dr. Nagler

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Hi Cillian -

Your doctor might be right about your Eustachian tubes, etc., but I think it more likely that your tinnitus is related to noise exposure. Either way there is a very good chance that given a bit more time it may well just settle down on its own. See Tinnitus 101 for more thoughts in that regard.

In terms of protecting against the adverse effects of noise exposure in the future, please see in particular Dr. Jack Vernon's "Rule of Thumb" in the above-referenced article.

All the best with it -

Dr. Stephen Nagler
Atlanta Tinnitus Consultants, LLC


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