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Hi Dr. Nagler,

I will start off by saying thank you for providing such a positive and informative forum for those affected with tinnitus. As you well know, there are some horrible bogs on the internet that T survivors can get stuck in. That being said, the best advice I've ever received about dealing with tinnitus, is to stay off the internet, even if it is a good site like this.

My quick story - I'm 26 years old and have had T for 9 years due to loud music/concerts. For the first 5 years, I considered my T a mild case, i.e. I could not hear it unless I stuck my fingers in my ears. I was more sensitive though, and avoided loud bars and concerts. After 5 years, my T and Hyperacusis spiked after noise exposure. My T was still manageable, but I started TRT for a bad case of H. At the early stages of my H, the sound of a piece of paper being crumpled felt like a jackhammer going off next to me. The TRT was tremendously helpful for H, and I would recommend it to anyone. About two years after starting TRT, I was again exposed to loud noise (an ambulance siren going off next to me). Now my H is manageable, and the T is the most prevalent issue in my life, but have since gotten a grip on my new noise.

Finally to the reason for my post: whenever I have a headcold, even if I perceive my T as louder than usual, I FEEL better. For me, T isn't only about the noise, it's the clogged/closed off feeling in my head I find the most troubling. I would best describe it as having a layer of plastic wrap over my ears. Sometimes it feels like I can't connect to my surroundings. But when I have a cold, it's like that "plastic wrap" is gone. I feel certain emotions again. It feels like the old, pre-T me. I often dread getting better. I know for many, having a headcold has the opposite effect, and they feel worse. Maybe it has to do with inflammation from the cold? Maybe it's just me and my special tinnitus, and if so I'm okay with that, but I was wondering if you understood what I'm talking about, or have heard any similar stories.

All the best in this New Year -

Dr. Nagler

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Hi Joe -

Welcome to my Q & A Board.

I wish I could offer some sort of profound and erudite explanation for why you might feel better when you have a headcold regardless of how loud your tinnitus might be at the time - but I cannot. Incredible, when you think of it. Here we are the 2nd day of the year, and I'm already stumped. It usually takes a week or so before that happens. I guess I'm losing a step in my old age, huh?

Here's to quieter days ahead for all - and (I guess) to more headcolds for you! :-)

Dr. Stephen Nagler
Atlanta Tinnitus Consultants, LLC


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