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Kathi asked:

I am progressing--it's been a year and I'm becoming accustomed to my tinnitus. I've learned to not let the ups and downs effect me too much and I'm no longer living for a cure. I just really want to know what it is to be truly habituated. Is one still aware of tinnitus or does it fade from awareness?


Perhaps look at it this way ...

Habituation is the process of getting to the point where no matter how loud or pitchy your tinnitus might be, you largely just don't care anymore. And, of course, the less you care about your tinnitus, the less you will be aware of it unless you purposely seek it. Habituation does not affect the loudness or pitch of your tinnitus - just your reaction to it. And if you purposely seek it, your tinnitus will still be there. But if you don't care, then what does it matter??!!

I mean, it would matter if your tinnitus were caused by something that is a potential threat to your health or life. But rare though those conditions might be, your ENT should have ruled them out during your tinnitus evaluation. So that being the case, if your tinnitus cannot be cured (some can, but most cannot), then not caring about it one way or the other is a good thing! Moreover, if as a consequence of your not caring about your tinnitus one way or the other, you become less and less aware of it, then that is also a good thing as well. And that's what habituation is all about!

Dr. Stephen Nagler


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