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Hi Dr. Nagler-

This is a great resource and thanks for setting it up. I have been reading about Ototoxicity from Zoloft and am really worried. I took the drug for a few years about a year ago and had great success on it. No Tinnitus and few side effects. I was actually prescribed it because of my anxiety from a short lived ear ringing incident. Long story short, the perceived Tinnitus went away and I did well under the meds. Fast forward to over a year later and due to some personal issues and anxiety I was put back on Zoloft this week. So far (day three) very few side effects and no Tinnitus to date, but I have read HORROR stories and see on multiple websites that Tinnitus and hearing loss can be caused by Zoloft- is that true? I want to do what I can to educate myself and my family and certainly don't want to take an Ototoxic medicine. Can you please provide some insight?

Thank you-

Dr. Nagler

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Zoloft does not cause auditory damage. Like a gazillion other drugs Zoloft can (rarely) aggravate tinnitus - but since it does not cause auditory damage, in the event that tinnitus increases in loudness while on Zoloft, the tinnitus can be expected to settle back down upon discontinuing the drug. If it doesn't, then likely the Zoloft was not the culprit in the first place.

Hope this helps.

Stephen M. Nagler, M.D.


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